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Playground: Falcon
Author: Anton Chekhov
Director: Vladimir Pankov
Composers: Artem Kim, Sergey Rodjukov
Production Designer: Maxim Obrezkov
Choreographer: Polina Mironova
Lighting Designer: Nikolay Surkov
Performers: Elena Yakovleva, Alexander Feklistov, Nadezhda Meyer, Peter Markin, Anastasia Alferova, Ekaterina Krivko, Olga Putkova, Dilyara Sagdeeva, Jan Chekina, Evgeny Barkhatov.
Duration: 2 hours without intermission
The joint project of the theater "Center for Dramatic Art and Direction" and the International Theater Festival named after A.P. Chekhov.
At the heart of "Bear" is the story of a novel that erupted between two strangers. The main characters performed by Elena Yakovleva and Alexander Feklistov act out hate, love, and the rules of the game in this comedy are known only to them. Traditional vaudeville is reinterpreted in the soundtrack genre, and the stage composition is built at the intersection of opera and dramatic art. The arias in Italian, French and German are combined with the classic performance of the Chekhov play, in order to reflect the whole ambiguity of the duel of passions between the characters.
Vladimir Pankov: “The performance is about the infinite contradiction of a woman. When she says no, that doesn't mean no. When it says yes, it does not mean yes. In the intricacies of psychology Chekhov as. By the end of the play there are even more puzzles. And there are no clues. Love is a game that can be played throughout life. ”
Artem Kim - composer, conductor. He graduated from the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan with a degree in Composition (class of DF Yanov-Yanovsky). The organizer and artistic director of the first in Central Asia ensemble of modern music "Omnibus", works in the Ilkhom Theater and the SounDrama studios. Author of the organization of the creative process "Method of collective composition."
Sergey Rodyukov - composer, musical director. He graduated from the Moscow State University of Culture, Faculty of Folk Singing, course L. M. Moiseeva. He worked in various folk professional groups. He is one of the founders of the studio SounDrama, the music director of various theater projects and the theater Center for Dramatic Art and Direction, the author of music for plays and films. Multi-instrumentalist.
Maxim Obrezkov - graduated from the RITI-GITIS graduate school in 2003 (Department of Scenography of Professor SM Barkhin). Since 2001 - the main artist of the Theater. Evgenia Vakhtangov. Since 2003 cooperates with the studio SounDrama. He designed more than 70 performances in Russia and abroad, participated in numerous exhibitions.
Nikolay Surkov is a lighting designer. He graduated from the Belarusian State University, Department of Geology. An employee of the National Academic Theater named after Yanka Kupala, in which he has released more than thirty performances.
Polina Mironova - choreographer, teacher. She graduated from the ballet department of RATI-GITIS, the workshop of Professor O.G. Tarasova. As a choreographer, she has produced more than ten performances in Russia and abroad.
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