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Крейцерова Соната

Крейцерова Соната12+

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The modern ballet of the rising star of the world choreography by Robert Binet on the story of Lev Tolstoy's "Kreutzer Sonata".

Robert read the story of Tolstoy at school. He was struck by the story of music that can not only affect a person, but radically change his life. Robert thought for a long time how to transfer this story - in the ballet, music gives inspiration and the ability for choreographers and performers to create new worlds.

Arriving in Moscow at the invitation of the Ballet Moscow Theater, Robert Binet had no doubt that he had an excellent opportunity to stage the Kreutzer Sonata in the right place and with the right actors.

To the story of the heroes of the story was read in a ballet performance, Robert attracted the playwright Britta Johnson to the work and she offered a different look at the work. The ballet "Kreutzer Sonata" is not about love, betrayal and jealousy of the main characters, but about music as a powerful means of influencing a person and his life. It is music that becomes the main character of the ballet.

The action is carried over to our days and is focused on the life and emotional world of Pozdnishev's wife. In the interpretation of Robert Binet, the main character of the ballet is a woman who sacrificed her personal aspirations for the sake of caring for her family. Thanks to music, she manages to change herself and her attitude to life, get rid of routine and rise above the problems. It was music that helped her to know love in a transcendent sense. Inspired and inspired by music, she again becomes the object of her husband's passion. However, her desire for freedom frightens Pozdyshev and inevitably leads to murder.

The party of each of the heroes (Pozdnyshev, his wife and music teacher) is performed not by one but by three dancers, revealing their characters and experiences. Artistic decisions in the ballet of Binet are largely determined by Tolstoy's words: "Music makes me forget myself, my true position, it takes me to some other, not my position; I feel under the influence of music that I feel something that I do not really feel, that I understand what I do not understand, that I can do what I can not. "

In the play it sounds like the original "Kreutzer Sonata" by Beethoven, and the music specially written for this production. Composer Giti Razaz, like Robert Binet, long dreamed of working with the plot of Tolstoy. In the process of discussions, searches and the exchange of ideas, a score for the new ballet was written. This is a rare case when both choreography and music are created in parallel, influencing and inspiring each other.

The ballet will be shown on the stage of the Center. Sun. Meyerhold, and this is not an accidental choice of venue. Only in this space, the viewer will fully disclose for himself the whole atmosphere of the elegance of modern chamber ballet. Scenographer Haemi Sheen will create an atmosphere of intimacy, in which the motives and actions of the characters will be seen under the microscope.

Robert Binet attaches great importance to the influence of music on the actions of the heroes of the ballet: "Music connects the main character with her heart and soul. Fiddler, in which she falls in love - it's not quite a person, but a portal that allows her to touch music, joy and freedom. Pozdnishev believes that the release of his wife makes her unusually beautiful, but he no longer feels control over her. This thought does not give him peace and ruins him, which in the end leads to a tragic ending. It is very interesting for me to work on the production for the Ballet Moscow Theater. I like the story that Leo Tolstoy described, and for many years dreamed of putting this ballet in Russia. For me it is a great honor. I am sure that working together with the artists of the Ballet Moscow Theater will allow me to better understand the work and immerse myself in the unique Russian culture with a head. "
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