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Шикарная свадьба

Шикарная свадьба16+

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127473, Москва, Селезневская ул., 11/2 корп.а
01 h 50 min


The Wedding Planner.

And why had he decided to get married? He is so few years old, just over twenty.

And now he does not remember anything. It seems like yesterday was a bachelor party, drinking with guys.

It was a nice walk! He woke up on the day of his wedding in the hotel room, booked for the wedding night, in an embrace with a completely unfamiliar girl!

What will the bride say if, God forbid, he finds out? And her mother? This woman will just tear it to pieces!

Time rushes like an emergency train. A bride is about to arrive at the hotel.

Where can I put a naked girl? Do not throw it out of the window!

Yes, a wedding is always the beginning of a drama. But I would not want it to end in tragedy.

Merry sitcom. Laugh from the heart.

"There is nothing more useless in the world than the bridegroom before the wedding."

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