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Valeriy was 10 february on Marriage

Great performance on the classic work! Very relevant and funny! Actors are just perfectly matched! I want to go again!

Elena was 29 may on Marriage

We are fascinated !!!

Visitor was 02 april on Marriage

Thank you Have received great pleasure



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A sharp social satire is mixed here with the grotesque; Lovingly painted by the author characters are colorful and do not like each other.

Almost twenty-seven-year-old merchant daughter Agafya Tikhonovna, who has been sitting up in the girls, decides to marry, as soon as Fyokla Ivanovna's wife's hands are flown to her by the enviable grooms: Executor Yaichnitsa, retired infantry officer Anuchkin, seasoned seaman Zhevakin and court counselor Podkolesin.

In each of them the bride sees both advantages and disadvantages. This is what prevents her from making a choice. "If the lips of Nikanor Ivanovich could be put to Ivan Kuzmich's nose, and take some kind of cheekiness, which Baltazar Baltazarych has, perhaps, to add to this the sturdiness of Ivan Pavlovich, I would immediately have decided," she confesses to herself .

But the dearest to Agafia Tikhonovna is Podkolesin, a timid man who doubts the need to do this or that act, but nevertheless wakes up one morning with a firm thought: "One must marry."

Oleg Topolyansky presents his vision of the play, familiar to the viewer and reader. The two main characters - Agafya Tikhonovna and Podkolesin - he adds infantilism, which is particularly close to them. Kochkarev, friend of the groom, with the course of action turns almost into a devil, exhorting his indecisive friend and pushing him to marriage.

The play "Marriage" is a bright, colorful and emotional spectacle, represented by a magnificent ensemble of actors.

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To marry is unbearable.

He married himself, and does not give rest to others. Once married, then all around must be necessarily married.

Pulls from a warm couch, mumbles something about finding a bride already. There is nothing to do, you have to go get married. And in fact, you can not spend all your life in such a vegetable condition. Yes, and a friend - nahal, which can not not be conceded.

But to achieve the hand and heart of the bride still have to go through a difficult casting.

And the bride has long sat in the girls, very much like a doll and has not stopped playing dolls. Only now instead of dolls - grooms.

Right, such a hardship is a choice! It's not a woman's business at all. Another one, two people, and then as many as four! One is very nice, though slim. And the other one is also not bad, although it is fat. All very prominent men. Here's how to be here?

Now, if one's lips put one to the nose of another, and even add to the cheekiness of the third and take the corpulence of the fourth - then it would be exactly decided!

Then our bridegroom arrived in time. So, it's all decided - the wedding be. Only in my head, like a worn-out record, the same question turns around, and remains unanswered: "Is it worth it?".

Now is the time to flee.

But a busy, damned thing, a thing of marriage!

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Valeriy was 10 february

Great performance on the classic work! Very relevant and funny! Actors are just perfectly matched! I want to go again!

Elena was 29 may

We are fascinated !!!

Visitor was 02 april

Thank you Have received great pleasure

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