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Anna was 22 june on Madonna with a flower

Great performance. Superbly plays the main character. In my opinion, the best performance in Tabakerka. I left the room with tears in my eyes.

Мадонна с цветком

Мадонна с цветком16+

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105062, Москва, Чаплыгина ул., 1 корп.А
02 h 40 min


"Madonna with a flower" - one of the earliest masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci. A happy young mother shows her baby a flower of a crucifix - a symbol of crucifixion. The kid reaches out to him with plump little hands. Mothers still do not know that after many years her son has to go through the tortures of God.
With envy looks at the picture of Leonardo Madonna of the twentieth century - a young mother whose newborn son whose whirlwind of war from the first days of his life brought incredible hardships and trials. Cold and hunger almost destroyed a young woman and her innocent child. They save their age-old ability of ordinary Russian people to respond to someone else's pain and share the latter.
The play "The Madonna with a Flower", staged by Alexander Marin, rightfully takes a place alongside the best performances of the Tabakov Theater. In it - a live interaction with the auditorium, the authenticity of the relationship of the characters, the depth of psychological existence.
The young generation of the graduates of the actor's school Oleg Tabakov, who demonstrates talent and professionalism on the stage, has harmoniously joined the amazing ensemble of "Tabakerka". The works of Juliana Grebe, Alena Lapteva, Natalia Kachalova and many others invariably amaze the viewer with the power of authenticity.
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A young woman, yesterday's student, life seems beautiful, because everything is still ahead.

And the truth: ahead, only not what he dreams about. Ahead of the war. The departure of men to the front. Evacuation. Childbirth at the station. Bitter life with relatives who are ready to reproach a young mother with a piece of bread.

She will run away, although in the street minus forty. For forty minutes and sparrows are dying on the fly! In such cold you realize that the main thing is the warmth of humanity and hot motherly love, they will warm and will not allow to die or despair, but, on the contrary, will help to carry through all the trials kindness and faith in the best.

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Anna was 22 june

Great performance. Superbly plays the main character. In my opinion, the best performance in Tabakerka. I left the room with tears in my eyes.

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