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"Metamorphosis II"

"Metamorphosis II"16+

from 3000 rubles 
Moskva, Tverskoy b-r., 22
02 h 00 min



Cast: Anastasia Boratynska, Alexander Vedmensky, Marianna Vasilyeva, Alexander Kizhaeva, Alexander Kizhaev, Vladimir Kochetkov, Sofia Kuserubova, Ekaterina Miroshka-na, Gulnara Sabitova, Evelina Semerikova, Igor Sergeev, Anton Strelyaev, Semen She-memes.
The main director is Nikita Mikhalkov.
The directors of the passages are the honored artist of the Russian Federation Igor Yatsko, the teacher of the Academy Vera Kamysh-nikova, the actor, the director Alexander Koruchekov.
Production Designer - Yuri Cooper.
The captions shown in the performance were created by the honored artist Alexander Adabashyan.
Sound design - Pavel Doreuli.
Choreographers: Victoria Skitskaya, Lasha Moryuba.

On Wednesday, August 28, 2019, at 19:00 on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater As part of the tour, Gorky will host a show of the performance of the State Actor's Theater “Metamorphosis-2: Wives of Artists”. The staging is a kind of established tradition, which is embodied on the basis of the works of the great classics A.P. Chekhov and I.A. Bunin. The event will be opened by the artistic director of the theater Nikita Mikhalkov.

The performance designer presents a literary-stage collage (stories "Kuma", "Muse", "Autumn", "Ida", "Misfortune", "Princess", "Little Joy", "Narrative of Mrs.NN", "Wives of Artists"), consisting of nine works of great classics, demonstrated to the audience in an unusual format of open rehearsal.

“Metamorphosis” is a certain kind of brand. We turn to the works of the great Russian writers A.P. Chekhov and I.A. Bunin, trying to express on the stage all the atmospheric depth so inherent in their work. We deliberately do not take dramatic works in which a certain plot and plot premise was originally laid. It is more interesting to us, as it were, from the air, out of nowhere, to materialize and stage the most subtle patterns of the relationship between the characters and the nature of the relationship between the Buninsky and Chekhovian heroes. Despite all the transparency of this prose, but rather for this reason, this is an archdustal task, but extremely fascinating, and most importantly, incredibly useful for actors trying to find in themselves new possibilities and shades of acting, ”Nikita Mikhalkov notes.

“The performance is unusual in that we created the credits shown to the audience on the screen in the course of the action of the performance. We had to work through literally every word of the work in order to try to convey the true language of the time. Of course, when adapting to the Old Russian spelling, the Dahl dictionary was used, as well as unique lifetime editions of L.N. Tolstoy, "- says the creator of titles titles Alexander Adabashyan.

The main feature for the viewer will be the form of the play, which combines not only 3D scenery, video sketches and video installations, but also gives rise to the atmosphere of truly “live cinema”.

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