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ТАЙНЫ и ЛЕГЕНДЫ МАРЬИНОЙ РОЩИ с посещением храма Сошествия Святого Духа

ТАЙНЫ и ЛЕГЕНДЫ МАРЬИНОЙ РОЩИ с посещением храма Сошествия Святого Духа1+

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Москва, Садовая Б. ул., 14
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Marina Grove is one of the most mysterious and mysterious places in Moscow. Here pagan traditions, pre-Christian traditions, folk tales of noble and not very robbers, the bandit romance of Soviet times, the first Soviet maniac and exploits of orthodox holiness, Christian miracles, examples of selfless charity, true self-denial for the sake of the senile and poor, and biography merged into a single historical stream Remarkable Russian people. In times immemorial, as the folk legend says, here was the temple of the Slavic goddess of Mary's death. Since then, the theme of death does not leave these places. Here, on the crowded Trinity road, robbers poured innocent blood, there were god-made burials, a cemetery "Vaganek" (homeless people), picked up in the streets, who died in drunken fights. The burial place of unrepentant sinners who died "bad death" and suicides, here for many centuries very peculiar traditions of funeral folk festivals, which attracted by their unusual historians and famous Russian writers, were preserved. It was here that the empress Elizabeth Petrovna, suffering from tanatophobia, ordered the founding of the first city cemetery, the land of which contains many terrible puzzles and memory of terrible crimes and sacrileges, the mystery of murder in the cemetery, the legend of the Sandunovsky millions in the grave and blasphemous monument to parents from children deprived of an inheritance, football with skulls and Foxtrot on bones. We will visit the temple, consecrated by local workers, who have collected a penny to build a temple dedicated to the icon of the Mother of God "Unexpected Joy", whose story is also connected with the repentant robber and the Temple of the Descent of the Holy Spirit at the Lazarevsky Cemetery, where the traditions of Orthodox community asceticism are now reviving and collected A huge number of shrines. We will visit one of the most ancient Moscow churches - Tryphon in Naprudnaya Sloboda and learn a wonderful legend about the miraculous salvation of the royal falconer Trifon Patrikeev by his heavenly patron, to whom Orthodox people have since appealed for help in public circumstances, about finding a job and getting rid of Troubles in the service. We will find out where Vladimir Vysotsky was born, where the action takes place and the famous film with his participation was shot. "The meeting place can not be changed" according to the scenario of the natives of the Marina of the Weiners brothers grove and where the "holy doctor" Haas, who devoted his life to saving the poor and prisoners, worked. Let's talk about the occult secrets of Soviet power, paranormal experiences and education through hypnosis underwater fighters of Grandfather Durov. We will visit F.M. Dostoevsky - the shelter of the mercy of Empress Maria Feodorovna, we will see one of the most unusual monuments to the writer and remember the tragic fate of the burial of the writer's mother. Let's talk about the Institute of Noble Maidens and mystical secrets of the composer Skryabin, about the way of the Patriarch Tikhon and the place of his house arrest, about Samotyok and Drach, and much more. The beginning at 11:00 Art. M. " Mayakovskaya " , st. Big Garden, 16 at the entrance to the garden "Aquarium".
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