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Органная музыка Баха. Л. Голуб (орган), рассказывает А.Варгафтик

Органная музыка Баха. Л. Голуб (орган), рассказывает А.Варгафтик6+

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115035, Москва, Космодамианская наб., 52/8
01 h 20 min



Artyom VARGAFTIK reports
Lyudmila GOLUB, authority

In a programme:
Toccatas, Preludes and Fugues
"The Organ Book"
Concerts on Vivaldi

Johann Sebastian Bach is called the greatest organist of all time. He was not only a brilliant composer and brilliant improviser, but also an expert in organ construction. The best organists invited him as the first expert and with his help improved the "king of instruments". Bach, like no one else, mastered the art of connecting registers and discovered such organ timbre capabilities that no one had previously suspected. Bach's innovations have proven to be viable for centuries, and his music is the unsurpassed peak that the world's best musicians have conquered a century of a century.

The outstanding Russian organist Lyudmila Golub and the popular host Artyom Vargaftik continue the subscription devoted to the secrets of Bach's skill. The second program will tell about the composer's Weimar period. About the fact that Bach was lucky - and what was not - in the service at the court of the Weimar Duke, how his hopes and aspirations were justified - and what this story ended for him and why he decided never to return to this city. Artyom Vargaftik has the talent to get to the bottom of the phenomenon and it is interesting to talk about them. There is no doubt that his story will be both fascinating and truthful, because it is not for nothing that “wahrhaftig” translates from German as “true”!

On the luxurious organ of the Svetlanov Hall, one of Europe’s largest concert instruments, masterpieces of the Weimar period, in particular, the choirs from the Organ Book, which the biographer of Bach Albert Schweitzer compared with the painting of Dürer and called “one of the greatest music achievements,” will sound. They will be performed by Lyudmila Golub - Honored Artist of Russia, one of the best representatives of the Russian organ school, student of the renowned master Leonid Roizman. “This is an excellent organist, possessing the“ secrets ”hidden in this instrument,” said Yevgeny Svetlanov about her. Lyudmila Golub acted as an expert in the construction of the House of Music organ and is now a full-time organist of the MMDM.

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