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Ekaterina was 17 november on Gvidon

Thank you for a wonderful evening)

Elena was 17 november on Gvidon

Super! Singing, staging - above all praise! You are the most interesting theater in Moscow. Thank you for being!



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Москва, Сретенка ул., 19/27
00 h 55 min


Opera of Alexander Manotskov based on the play "Gvidon" and other poems by Daniil Kharms

Written on the texts of Daniil Kharms, the opera creates an entirely new image of the poet's work: a bright, enamored view of life, imbued with lively, joyful religiosity.

Composer Alexander Manotskov on the production:

"I dreamed of doing this thing in the Globus Hall of the School of Dramatic Art." And for me, this is a completely unique combination of circumstances, since it was this theater that was thought of as an ideal place for performing the production: it was at this site, precisely with these artists and directors. This opera is my contribution to the theater of Vasiliev, my declaration of love ...

Music for a vocal ensemble without accompaniment implies the release of choral voices to the forefront of attention, their equality with soloists, both in dramatic and in musical sense.
The work was written especially for the chorus of the theater "School of Dramatic Art" under the direction of Svetlana Anistratova, and the title role for the soloist of this choir, Konstantin Isayev, whose artistic experience allows him to freely work with all the singing traditions necessary for the performance of this song.

In general, the artists of the choir of the theater "The School of Dramatic Art" are absolutely unique: they combine several incompatible things: an ensemble of soloists and at the same time an ordinary choir, besides they are folklorists and academics; They work with precise scores and at the same time "burn" notes, creating a living, natural intonation. "
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Life is like a dream. Or a dream as a reality.

Eastern meditative music is carried away high up. It carries away to itself in unknown reaches and all thoughts. It remains only to dissolve in this semi-darkness or half-light.

Muted soft colors envelop the slumber of warmth and comfort. And carry away into the other worlds.

Sooner or later everyone's life is in crisis. And life itself forces you to seek answers to damn questions. Because further it is simply impossible to live like this. The hero appeals to the higher powers, and the higher powers send him ... to have a good night's sleep. Sleep, of course, does not promise anything good.

But now you can be ready when it starts to come true. In this booming mess of night-time delirium, he did not understand anything but one. The world is created for joy.

Rejoice in everything that only you meet. And a strange monk, who always teaches life. The girl did not come on a date?

No problem. All the same, rejoice. But she went in search of her inner "I" and learns many different interesting things.

The evening comes again. And no one knows what the new dream will bring ...
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Ekaterina was 17 november

Thank you for a wonderful evening)

Elena was 17 november

Super! Singing, staging - above all praise! You are the most interesting theater in Moscow. Thank you for being!

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