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Tat`yana was 28 may on Girl, where do you live?

A great story that teaches children good. Currently, such performances are very, very necessary

Девочка, где ты живешь?

Девочка, где ты живешь?6+

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105005, Москва, Радио ул., 2
01 h 30 min




Director: People's Artist of Russia Svetlana Misery. Cast: Maria Zimina, Yulia Smirnova, Svetlana Vlasyuk, Anastasia Naumenko, Ruslan Kirschin, Alexei Pugachev, Vera Lofitskaya, Roman Kamyshev, Uliana Milyushkina, Ekaterina Yatsyna This is a lyrical, ironic and very good story about a girl, a boy musician, a school, a teacher, a talking horse, a screaming parrot, neighbors in a communal apartment ... The house of the curious and sympathetic girl Katya is the whole world, so there are so many characters and her life is simple Loaded with events in which Kate must certainly participate, and certainly on the side of the weak and offended.
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"Girl, girl, where are you going? Tell us, girl, where do you live? "
She was born a big dreamer. The schoolgirl's name is Katya, and she keeps telling everyone that Anna Maria is. Describes the ship on which her parents sailed to Australia and fell into a storm.
This mischievous person also likes to help those who are in trouble.
A neighbor of a girl, a violin boy, can be kicked out of school. He did not pass the math.
He would only play the violin in the bathroom, but the parents ate the eternal music at home. You could have played in the house of culture!
Classmates tease him "red," and he worries. Only his neighbor, a kind girl, comforts him.
If you really believe in a fairy tale, you can get into it. The guys will see with a horse that can talk, and other amazing animals.
A good fairy tale or a fantastic play for children, written by Mikhail Roshchin.
"The stars are swaying above our heads, everyone always meets with their dreams."
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Tat`yana was 28 may

A great story that teaches children good. Currently, such performances are very, very necessary

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