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Ekaterina was 02 january on Yolka on Taganka "The Kingdom of Curved Mirrors"

I liked it a lot, thank you!

Mariya was 30 december on Yolka on Taganka "The Kingdom of Curved Mirrors"

I liked it very much!

Natal`ya was 02 january on Yolka on Taganka "The Kingdom of Curved Mirrors"

I liked, at a good level, the tree and the play.

Yolka on Taganka "The Kingdom of Curved Mirrors"

Yolka on Taganka "The Kingdom of Curved Mirrors"1+

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Moskva, Zemlyanoy Val ul., 76/21
02 h 00 min


New Year and Christmas are the most long-awaited holidays for children. Sprouted with fir branches, ripe mandarins and chocolate sweets, these days leave a feeling of magic in everyone's soul. Even if your head is already silver gray, you are sure, with your childish immediacy, you make the most secret desires for the chiming, continuing to believe in miracles and fairy-tale changes.

We invite you to watch the play "Yolka on Taganka", where not only children but adults can have fun.

You will get acquainted with provocative clowns and their wards - trained dogs. Fascinating tricks, sparkling skits and funny tricks can not leave anyone indifferent. Then look at the favorite fairy-tales with the participation of the leading actors of the theater. On different days you are waiting for "Ivan Tsarevich, Gray Wolf and Others", "The Kingdom of the Curved Mirrors", "Cipollino", "The Humpbacked Horse", "Two Baba Yaga", "The Secret of the Flower-Seven Flowers".

And of course, what a New Year without Santa Claus and his permanent companion Snow Maiden! Together with them, the boys and girls, as well as their parents will fall into the enchanting world of magic, where even the most impossible can easily become possible.

Buy tickets to the theater for New Year's performances "Yolka on Taganka" and give the children a real holiday, memories of which are more than enough for a year!

A gift is not included in the ticket price.

A ticket is required for each visitor regardless of age.

Intermedia begins half an hour before the play. The program involved Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, clowns, trained animals, fairy-tale characters.

Drawings, riddles, congratulations.

The tale of the girl Ole, who did not obey her grandmother and was always capricious. One day, in pursuit of a runaway cat through a magical mirror, she landed in the Kingdom of Curved Mirrors, in which everything looks the other way - evil - good, old - young, into a kingdom in which even the names are vice versa. There she met with the girl Yalu, went through with her through many dangers and adventures, and ... suddenly saw myself from the side ...

A musical fairy tale in two parts

A musical tale in two acts based on the work of V. Gubarev.

Directed by S. Kutasov.

Assistant director D. Zhukov.

In the play are busy: zasl. Art. Russia A. Barinov, hon. Art. Russia. Basov, hon. Art. Russia D. Perov, P. Afonkin, D.V. Belotserkovsky, B. Bovaldinov, N. Bodyakova, V.V. Vadshedsky, K. Grubnik, M. Dobrzhinskaya, A. Elizavet, V. Zaviktorin, D. Karpeev, I. Klabukova, D.V. Mikhailichenko, A. Mokhova, E. Obolenskaya, J. Ostrovskaya, K. Petrov, A. Plantaitis, N. Ryabkov, M.V. Ryabkova, R. Serkov, D. Sivova, I. Usok, D. Maksimova, E. Yakovlev.

Artist B. Lysikov.

"... I want to tell you about the girl Ola, who suddenly saw herself from the side. I saw how you can see not yourself, but a completely different girl - say, a sister or a girlfriend. Thus, she watched herself for a long time, and this helped her to get rid of the shortcomings, which she had not noticed before in herself.

And do you know what is most important in this story? Olya was convinced that even seemingly small flaws in the character could become a serious obstacle to the goal. She fell into one fabulous country where she had to endure many dangerous adventures, such as those she read about in old fairy tales. Maybe you also read these fairy tales, where kings, different princes and court ladies are so kind, fair, beautiful and generally so sweetly sweet, as if smeared with honey. And one day a girl Olya made a trip to a fairy-tale country and saw there ... However, I'd rather tell everything in order ... "

So begins a fairy tale, Vitaly Gubarev about the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, a kingdom where all the mirrors, as you understand - curves. The ugly in them looks beautiful, the small one is big, the young one is old and so on, and only the king has the only direct mirror in the Kingdom. Evil, deceitful inhabitants of the kingdom prefer to believe these mirrors, but there are among the inhabitants and those who trust their own eyes. Young mirror Gurd refused to make mirrors mirror, for which he was sentenced to death and imprisoned in the Tower of Death. As Olga and her own reflection - a girl named Yalu try to save him, as in a critical situation Olga becomes more responsible and exacting to herself, but Yalo embodies all her shortcomings and how it all ends, you can find out by watching a bright musical performance on the stage of the Theater "Commonwealth of Taganka Actors".

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

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Ekaterina was 02 january

I liked it a lot, thank you!

Mariya was 30 december

I liked it very much!

Natal`ya was 02 january

I liked, at a good level, the tree and the play.

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