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The Bulgarian director Yavor Gyrdev again works at the Theater of Nations. This time he puts on the play Anthony Schaeffer, better known as "The Sleuth" - the so-called Kenneth Bran's film (2007), which became a remake of "Games for the Departure" by Joseph Mankiewicz (1972).

The playwright Mikhail Durnenkov, who adapted Scheffer's text for the Theater of Nations, moved the action today and changed the biographies of the characters slightly. So, even if you watched both Hollywood films, you can hardly predict the development of the plot in the play that Yavor Girdev compares to the virtual strategic game: its heroes believe that they are moving towards the goal, but in fact, each time they reach a new level of delusion - and miss the moment when the game turns into reality.

To the Russian viewer Yavor Gyrdev is known as the director of the "Method of Grenholm" and "Killer Joe". The Moscow audience got acquainted with Girdev in 2004, when his play "The Man-Pillow" was shown, which turned all ideas about convention. The audience, sitting two steps from the actors separated by a transparent wall, could not foresee a single turn of the plot, and at the same time absolutely believed that everything that was happening was not a stage illusion, but a reality show.
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