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Ожерелье Китай-города

Ожерелье Китай-города6+

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China Town is one of the oldest districts of Moscow, where for centuries the representatives of different cultures, professions, faiths and nationalities side by side. Russians and Tatars, Germans and Armenians, Jews and Poles - this is far from an incomplete list of those who once traded, engaged in crafts, built churches and smoked wine in the Chinese streets. Once upon a time, many centuries ago, ordinary merchants and artisans lived here, as well as ambassadors and voevods from distant overseas countries. A lot of important events of Russian history took place on the crossroads and alleys of China-city. It was here, on Nikolskaya street, in the middle of the XVI century. The first printing house in Moscow was founded, where the Russian printer Ivan Fedorov created the first Russian printed book. A century later, the famous Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy, where Mikhail Lomonosov studied, arose near the Bogoyavlensky Lane, with the works of the Likhud brothers. And closer to the Moskva River, extensive trade flourished - it was here, on Varvarka, appeared English trading yard, which today is one of the oldest buildings in Moscow. In addition, China City has preserved a lot more, which reminds us of the history of our country - ancient temples and monasteries, merchant and boyar chambers, taverns from the times of Gilyarovsky, fragments of the ancient Kitaygorod wall and much more. We invite you to get acquainted with this interesting historical area, which can rightly be called a textbook of history in the open air.

During our excursion you will learn:

why the region has such a "non-Russian" name and what does China have to do with it?
where is the only surviving fragment of the Kitaygorod wall, and where is the sham?
what secrets conceal the dungeons of China-city and Red Square and who from Muscovites managed to penetrate into them?
in which part of the city was a synagogue, and where is the Armenian church?
where was the famous restaurant "Slavianski Bazaar" and could a diner there a simple citizen?
on which building in this area you can find a sundial and how many are in Moscow?
where exactly in this area the famous movie "The meeting place can not be changed" was shot?
and much more....
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