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04/26/2018 "Great Requiem, Masses and Oratorios: Beethoven"

04/26/2018 "Great Requiem, Masses and Oratorios: Beethoven"6+

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121069, Moskva, Nikitskaya B. ul., 13
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Sacred musical collection of the era of classicism

The subscription "Great Masses, Requiems and Oratorios" is dedicated to grandiose works for all time.

For the first time these solemn works, filled with deep philosophical meaning, will sound in a different format thanks to a unique design that will be specially designed for each concert.

For maximum penetration into each cell of the skin of sacred motifs of works, in addition to vocal accompaniment, the Great Hall of the Conservatory is transformed into an ancient cathedral with the help of gigantic scenery and a light show, the image of which will serve as a leitmotif for the other trilogy concerts. We attracted the best theater artists, directors and light-bearers, led by the talented curator Anton Torsukov, who proved that nothing is impossible! This is the first original project on the best musical platform of Moscow, which no one has dared to hold to this day!

December 16, 2017 - Mozart. "Coronation Mass", "Requiem for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra".

Conductor - Pavel Sorokin, soprano - Zarina Abaeva, mezzo-soprano - Natalia Lyaskova, tenor - Sergey Radchenko, bass - Daniil Chesnokov

"Coronation Mass" - was written in Salzburg in 1779 on the occasion of crowning the miraculous icon of the Virgin. Belongs to the number of so-called solemn mass performed on major holidays, sometimes associated with secular celebrations, including the coronation of the highest persons. "Requiem" is a follow-up, unfinished and most famous creation of the composer. It is shrouded in legends and secrets: until now it is not known where the author's score ends and the music of Franz Süsmeier - the pupil of Mozart, who completed the "Requiem" at the request of the composer's widow begins. In the solo, ensemble and orchestral episodes, the composer's experience in the opera genre is felt. Bright expressive means provided Requiem with success on the concert stage, and Mozart's interpretation of parts became the standard and continues to influence composers right up to our days.

February 17, 2018 - Haydn. "World creation".

Conductor - Felix Korobov, soprano - Svetlana Moskalenko, soprano - Daria Zykov, tenor - Sergey Radchenko, bass - Daniil Chesnokov

"Creation of the world" - the first secular oratorio in German, which brought Haydn a dizzying success in life and became the pinnacle of his work. Inspired by the trip to England, the music of Handel and the ideas of English philosophers-educators, the composer created one of his favorite and latest works. This is a "picturesque book in pictures for adults", which displays all the greatness and diversity of the universe, thanks to the Creator and joyful glorification of life - the sun and waters, birds and animals, the first human family living in peace and love, supplemented with excerpts from the Bible and poems John Milton's "Paradise Lost." In 1798, this inspired music for the first time sounded in the palace of the Viennese patron of art of Prince Joseph Schwarzenberg. Incredibly melodious, permeated with bright, inspired energy, the work can rightly be called a beauty anthem.

April 26, 2018 - Beethoven. "Solemn Mass".

Conductor - Alexander Anisimov, soprano - Irina Krikunova, mezzo-soprano - Julia Mazurova, in addition - Tenor, bass - Alexander Roslavets

"From the heart - yes it goes again - to the heart" - it is with this epigraph-farewell begins the grandiose and latest work of Beethoven - Solemn Mass. Unusual in its structure - majestic, heroic episodes, followed by quiet and lyrical, smoothly flowing into suffering and reflection on the eternal. Finishing work on the mass, Beethoven, according to relatives, looked extremely emaciated and devastated: the writing of the Solemn Mass was extended for 4 years! Thanks to Prince Nikolai Golitsyn in 1824, the world premiere of this grandiose work took place in St. Petersburg.
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