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Mariya was 28 june on Our abroad

A wonderful performance!

V was 28 june on Our abroad

It was interesting.

Uliya was 28 june on Our abroad

Good afternoon! Yesterday we went to "Our Overseas" (went with a child of 12 years). I liked everyone! A funny, easy, truthful performance. I recommend!

Наши за границей

Наши за границей12+

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127006, Москва, Каретный Ряд ул., 3/6
01 h 50 min


The young merchant Nikolai Ivanovich and his wife Glafira Semyonovna go on their first trip to Paris. Inspired by expectations, they are simply astonished at all the wonders of the "French land", rushing to meet new impressions. However, very soon the foreign land will seem not so hospitable, and the heroes go back with the holy conviction that "it's good to visit, but at home it's better." The play of Catherine Elanskaya is easy, funny and slightly romantic. The director builds a mysterious, magical and a little bit strange world of Paris. Here the charming hostess of the hotel readily smiles at the guests, and behind them with an angry and puzzled shrug of the shoulders - why, they say, they do not like a room the size of a chest under the roof. But the Parisian cabaret, where the languid Madame Bavole rides, arranging a real frenzy with champagne and dancing and enticing Russian guests in a cycle of gay madness. True, the morning awakening will not be joyful at all. And the merchant, tempted by French charms, will have to save his own marriage ...
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"Where are you going, muzzle!" It is the first time to get out of the country to hear the compatriot's first words with joy. Finally at home!

A hereditary merchant with a young wife got to Paris. We went to the World Exhibition.

Of course, they do not know any foreign languages. The waiters and hotel workers are treated in Russian, very much surprised that they do not understand.

My wife worries that I can not get anywhere to drink tea with them. And there is no samovar.

A husband counts santims endlessly, saving on tips, but he easily spends hundreds of francs on nonsense.

Raised in the institute of noble maidens, the wife is surprised that foreigners dress, dance, and sing quite differently from her teachers.

And nobody wears bonbons!

They will not learn much abroad, but they will make an indelible impression on the French.

If you drink vodka, then every glass to the bottom. And so much so that you can not remember yesterday. And wonder where all the money went missing.

It's time to return to birches and aspen trees. Home is best.

How did these rich eccentrics of the nineteenth century look like new Russians from the twenty-first century!

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Mariya was 28 june

A wonderful performance!

V was 28 june

It was interesting.

Uliya was 28 june

Good afternoon! Yesterday we went to "Our Overseas" (went with a child of 12 years). I liked everyone! A funny, easy, truthful performance. I recommend!

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