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Не от мира сего

Не от мира сего16+

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Ksenia Vasilievna is really "not of this world" in the opinion of her friends and relatives. "Virtuous girl", "strict censor of morals" - that's what the characters of the play themselves say about it. But at the same time she is modest, kind, impressionable and completely unlike her mother - a chaste chaste. How does she, having such subtle spiritual qualities, fit into the real life - with a changing husband, an envious sister and an authoritarian mother? Ksenia V. and her arrival from abroad to her native city is a kind of catalyst for conflicts and changes in other heroes, which allows us to discover and understand the true nature and motives of her environment.

But is it possible to consider it alone in this play "not of this world"? Directed by Ekaterina Polovtseva shows the history of Ksenia Vasilyevna and her entourage at an unaccustomed angle and is sure that almost all the characters here chill this epithet. After all, within each of them there is a struggle, the goal of which is an attempt to make this world better, to become better. Another thing is that it's "better" for everyone. Someone, like Xenia's husband, will lie for good, someone, like the young Barbarisov, will go on their heads for the sake of imaginary universal justice. Retreats and compromises have their own, but all the heroes of the play, like each of us, at some point, face an internal demon, the fight against which is the main work of life. The struggle is not with the world, the attacker and the attacker, but with himself. And in the end, the destructive impulse comes "not of this world," but from within man. No wonder almost everyone in this play dreams to fly, dreams of wings, dreams of being free "of this world." In his last play, Ostrovsky does not convict the heroes, but forgives them, as Ksenia forgives all, passing away from life.

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