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Premiere of the performance "Thunderstorm"

With Julia Peresild in the lead role

One of the most famous plays by Alexander Ostrovsky's "Thunderstorm" at the Theater of Nations is directed by the director-laureate of the theatrical award "Golden Mask", the artistic director of the Theater named after Fedor Volkov in Yaroslavl Eugene Marcelli. The main role of Katerina Kabanova will be performed by actress Julia Peresild.

The director is known as the master of the original reading of classical texts. He himself says that in working on all familiar works he always wants to preserve the story and the author, and at the same time make the production live. In total, Marcelli created more than 60 performances throughout the country: in Moscow and Yaroslavl, Kaliningrad and Omsk, Saratov and Sovetsk.

The role of Tikhon - the unloved husband of the main heroine and Boris - her lover in the play will be played by the same actor - Pavel Chinarev. The physical similarity of these characters is the director's innovation and his principled position: "Boris and Tikhon are like twins, there is practically no difference in them. How do they fall in love with one of the twins? There are two brothers, they are exactly the same. The girl chose one, and she loves him. And the second does not like. Why? You fall in love first with what you see. And they are the same, so there are still some things, chemistry, smells? ".

The performance will also feature actors from the Yaroslavl theater company, to which Eugene Marcelli has been in charge for six years. The role of Kabanikhi will be performed by Anastasia Svetlov, the role of Wild is the Honored Artist of Russia Vitaly Kishchenko. Earlier they became laureates of the "Golden Mask" precisely for their participation in Yaroslavl performances Marcelli.

In general, according to the director's plan, his "Thunderstorm" about love: "I do not know if love is a heavenly punishment or reward, the highest meaning in life, a gift? Probably a gift, an attempt to connect these two different-sexed beings living in parallel, and in love these parallels intersect. And "Thunderstorm", it seems to me, about this, and not about the "dark kingdom".

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Strong, passionate women who persist in their desires and affections: how can they get along under one roof? One day their interests will collide together, and someone will have to, if not give in, then leave ...

Kabaniha thinks only of one - about his precious son. The daughter-in-law, the wife of her son Katerina, does not like this powerful person: not enough Katerina's husband, in the opinion of her mother-in-law, adores, gives her little caresses to him, shows little respect.

And Katerina, and not against love, that's just how to love her husband, when they do not give a pass to the house, and you can not breathe freely? .. A young woman will be looking for joy outside the threshold of her husband's house ...

In the meantime, Varvara, the sister of her husband, the daughter of Kabaniha, is growing up. Does this girl grow submissive? Or will Katerina become more freedom-loving, more capricious than Kabanikhi? ..

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