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Oksana was 17 may on Cricket on the stove

A wonderful performance! Many touching, instructive moments.

Сверчок на печи

Сверчок на печи12+

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105005, Москва, Радио ул., 2
01 h 30 min


The dramatization of Boris Sushkevich for the Moscow Art Theater Studio. Director - director - Svetlana Miseri Alexander Batrak, Anastasia Naumenko, Dmitry Negreev, Alexei Pugachev, Vladimir Shikhov, Lyudmila Figurovskaya, Ekaterina Yatsyna, Yuliya Smirnova, Daria Pushkareva Work, faithfulness, love, generosity - these are the foundations of a happy life, says Dickens, - and it does not matter whether you are a poor man or a wealthy person. If you are faithful to your fiancé, he will definitely return; If you treat a blind person as a sighted person, he will necessarily see through. "Cricket on the stove" is a Christmas story for adults, for all who believe in a miracle and wait for it. Duration of the performance is 1 hour 30 minutes, intermission.
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"A cricket sings for the stove, calm down, do not cry your son. Outside, frosty, light night starry. "
For good people, happiness always comes to the house. Only sometimes it wanders around for a long time, but its owners all wait will not wait.
A young child is growing up in a friendly family of young Englishmen. Husband and wife are very fond of each other.
Once at Christmas, my husband brought a stranger to the house. He felt sorry for the young guy who froze on a frosty night.
But he did not expect that he would begin to be jealous of his wife, whom he affectionately calls "Tiny", to his guest.
A wife is not up to cupids. She worries about the best friend who, because of poverty, is forced to marry a hardy and cruel owner of a toy factory.
But miracles happen! The stranger is the son of an old toy master. And everyone thought that he disappeared in South America. He will become the husband of a friend.
The Christmas tale of Charles Dickens, in which the poor Londoners knock on the door joy, the rich become kind-hearted, and all children happy.
Cricket, cricket, know your pole.
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Oksana was 17 may

A wonderful performance! Many touching, instructive moments.

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